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Seminar details

Kyusho Jutsu“, the magical and mysterious arts from the past … oh yeah!

But also victim of too much fanfare, charlatans, hocus pocus guys, written exams via Facebook or the internet for obtaining a Dan degree , self-taught ‘expert’ novices, thousands of pseudo books, cluttered Facebook pages with encyclopedia pictures, … we all are witnesses of these horrific practices in our wonderful world of martial arts.

But also in real life, just as our law enforcement officers, patrolling soldiers and security task forces, … we could have to manoeuvre one day on the ultra-thin line between an actual ‘hard-line’ self-defense and a ‘gentle’ self-preservation, in a world dominated by smartphones and social media.

So, we thought that the evening before the “Guardians of Ryukyu” main seminar would be an ideal moment to host a unique seminar, focused on the real “Kyusho Jutsu – Dim Mak” aspects, taught by internationally accredited professionals (!) and martial masters.

On Friday November 1st, 2019 you can see in action:

  • Henk Gerrits Sensei, 8e Dan in Jundokan Goju Ryu, Master in Kyusho Jutsu and licenced “Master of Acupuncture“ in the Netherlands – GoR/Henk-Gerrits-The_Netherlands/
  • Pekka Warling Sensei, professional shiatsu, acupressure and acupuncture therapist, a 5th Dan Dillman Karate International and 4th Dan European Kyusho Jitsu Tuite from Finland – GoR/Pekka-Warling-Finland/
  • Water Toch Sifu, one of the first western students allowed to receive lessons and to graduate (1990) from the “Shaolin Kung-Fu & Taiji Chen Style” who preserve the traditional base of the Shaolin Temple “Song Shan Henan China”,  Walter SIfu is a professional instructor 2nd Dan Kyusho Jutsu – Dim Mak & No Touch Energy Daochi – GoR/Walter-Toch-Belgium
  • Hubert Laenen Sensei, 8th Dan Kyoshi and European Chief Instructor for Koryu Karate Jutsu Jissen Ryu and Motobu Ryukyu Kobujutsu Moidi from Belgium – GoR/Hubert-Laenen-Belgium/

This seminar is exclusively organized for experienced, +18 year, all style martial artists above the rank of “brown belt or similar”:

  • Changing rooms and lockers are open from 18:00 o’clock
  • Registration starts at 18:30 till 19:00 o’clock
  • Seminar is held from 19:00 till 22:00 o’clock.

A unique occasion to acquire and exchange information, techniques and “things that work” from real international Kyusho Jutsu masters … or just in case you’ll ever need that “split second decisive reflex” to be able to walk back home safely.

Nice to know: A lot of the GoR 2019 Sensei will also participate, so you can already get acquainted with them after the session.

Click here: Registration for the Friday November 1st, 2019 Kyusho Jutsu Seminar  (a new Tab will open)

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