Walter Toch – Belgium

Sifu Walter Toch has been intensely active in the martial arts for over 50 years now. He works as a professional martial arts teacher and is always open for every new development. He is also a self-taught scientist and author of several articles, books and DVDs.

Sifu Walter Toch is of the first generation “Shaolin Kung-Fu & Taiji Chen Style” in Europe and preserves the traditional base of the Shaolin Temple “Song Shan Henan China”, where Sifu Walter was one of the first western students allowed to receive lessons and to graduate (1990).



Sifu Walter Toch owns numerous degrees and certificates, a brief overview (limited list):

  • 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu 1962
  • 4th Dan Shotokan 1983
  • Graduate first westen student at Shaolin Tempel – Grandmaster SUYIN 1990
  • Chinese Calligrapher – Grandmaster Chen Shitong Taiji Chen Family, China 1989
  • Blue cord Capoeira Regional Groupo Oba Guiné, Méstre Caladinho
  • Instructor 2nd Dan Kyusho Jutsu – DIM MAK & No Touch Energy Daochi
  • Double Silver Star from  international Jiu-Jitsu Information Centre 2003
  • Golden Sun Award from internationall Jiu-Jitsu Information Centre 2005
  • Bachy Kali Level 1 – Guro Ludo Bachy 2007
  • Instructor Blade self Defence System (Branch school) 2007
  • … see for a non-limited overview and more information about his school:  “Topacademie Sifu Walter Toch“.