• To expose ancient techniques and secret combinations hidden inside our martial arts styles (karate jutsu, aikijujutsu, jiu jutsu, … ) by means of exquisite, internationally acknowledged Grandmasters and exquisite Sifu/Sensei/Shibucho/Martial masters. 
  • To reexplore approaches, states and techniques that have gone lost in time.
  • To honor the ancient Sensei, ways and principles of Martial Arts that might have been neglected or smothered in the transformation to their modern versions.
  • To make your martial arts experiences pure and grounded again, no weak MacDojo or MacYouTube soupes.


  • A once a year recurring event to boost our mutual knowledge of the traditional martial arts, to strengthen the martial arts spirit amongst like-minded Budoka or just to have a ‘blast’ … .


  • By using specific time slots, by focusing on special technique sequences, by delving deep into special and hidden techniques, by adapting the lesson-at-hand to the level of the students, …  served to us by wonderful Sensei in divergent styles.
  • The selected Grandmasters, Sifu, Sensei and Shibucho’s have prepared a magnificent Koryū (古流, old-style/traditional school) program –tailored to the levels of the different student groups– in which they will convey information and techniques normally only passed on to the selected few.


  • Several exquisite, internationally acknowledged Martial icons, specialized in ancient techniques and secret combinations hidden inside our different styles.


  • The seminar to be for anyone with a martial arts background (+12 years of age), craving for knowledge about ancient and hidden techniques, made digestible per martial arts level of expertise.
  • The place to be for every gold-hearted Budoka, who enjoys learning, practicing and having fun in an international context among peers.
  • Can I contact? To ensure a proper funneling for all your questions or references, your two main point-of-contacts will be: Chris Michiels and Mario Michiels who will contact you again after you filled in the contact form.



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  • “To Dogi (道着) or Not?”
    You can participate in any training clothing you prefere, as long as it is clean, practical and safe to practise martial arts in and doesn’t offend other Budoka on the Tatami. 
  • If  you need an invitation letter to visit our seminar regarding VISA regulations, than please contact our Chief Comunications Officer using the contact form.

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