Pekka Warling – Finland

Pekka Warling was born in Finland 1961.

He started his martial arts career with judo in 1975 and got his 1st Dan in 1983. After that, he started other martial arts like: Aikido, Karate and many others.

In 1994 he ‘fell in love’ with Kyushu Jutsu during a seminar of master George Dillman and became his student. He also helped Sensei Tero Laaksonen to develop the European Kyusho Jitsu Tuite style.

In 2001 he met master Gary Rooks who introduced Pekka Sensei to Kiai Jutsu (the art of using sound) and has been profounding those aspects since then.

He has also trained Small Circle Jujitsu under professor Wally Jay and his son Leon Jay.

Pekka Warling Sensei is a certified massage therapist and acupuncturist. See for more information: Finnish Massage Center.

Pekka Warlings Sensei ranks include the following:

  • 5th Dan Dillman Karate International
  • 4th Dan European Kyusho Jitsu Tuite
  • 2nd Dan Judo
  • 1st Dan Aikido