Guardians of Ryukyu Junior and Main Gasshuku 2019

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Seminar details

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​Some ‘heads up’:

  • We are strikt regarding certain age limits, mostly due to the nature of some approaches:
    • The Junior GoR Seminar: 8 till 14 years – 3 training slots;
    • The Main GoR Seminar: +12 years – 5 training slots, bring your training weapons with you for 1 specialised slot if possible. A limited set will be available. 
  • The main languages used:
    • During the whole GoR weekend mostly English and Dutch will be used, the staff members are able to speak other languages in case of emergency or specific needs.
    • The Junior GoR event will be hosted by Dutch speaking Sensei!!!
  • Catering services on Saturday November 2nd only:
    • You can pre-order catering services for the lunch on Saturday (11:50u – 12:45u) and/or dinner (19:00u – …) the same way as your reservation, just return to this tab/page and click on the “Catering Services” link after your subscription for the main or junior GoR.
      • Lunch: The sandwich spread is basically a length of bread split lengthwise and filled with a variety of vegetables and condiments. Make your selection in the available variations and post a comment if you have a special request. One (1) beverage is included in this option.
      • Dinner: Following last years success, we again provide you the possibility to join in on a traditional Belgian meal with all the GoR Sensei, participants and staff members. Drinks are NOT included in this option, but make sure not to miss out on our excellent variety of Belgian bears available during this meal ?.

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