Guardians of Ryukyu Gasshuku 2018

Saturday November 3rd, 2018

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Extra reservation for Dinner and/or Lunch (for family or friends): Click here.

Seminar details

​Some ‘heads up’ before proceeding:

  • Seats are limited to guarantee a high quality of service and martial experience.
  • There is a minimal age limit of 14 years due to the nature of the seminar.
  • Registrations via the form below are a “one person only” reservation. ​
    •  If you want to reserve a group, please contact us via the contact form.
  • Online registrations close October 30th 23:59.
  • We offer two ways to ensure your individual participation.  
    • Direct onsite payment using PayPal, as a result, your seat will be reserved immediately;
    • Offsite payment using a self-initiated regular bank transfer. Details will be emailed, so make sure you enter your correct email address. Attention: Reservations that were not paid in full before October 30th, will become available again for “on seminar” registrations, meaning your reservation will be cancelled!
  • There will be no reimbursements of payments via either channel
  • You can pre-order catering services for lunch (12:00u – 13:00u) and/or dinner (19:00u – …) together with your reservation. To do so, select the sandwich of your choice and/or select the dinner option in your registration form. Checkout with the appropriate options (Seminar only, Seminar + Lunch, Seminar + Dinner or Seminar + Lunch + Dinner).
    • Lunch: The sandwich spread is basically a length of bread split lengthwise and filled with a variety of vegetables and condiments. Make your selection in the available variations and post a comment if you have a special request. One (1) beverage is included in this option.
    • Dinner: We provide you the possibility to join in on a traditional Belgian meal with all the GoR 2018 Sensei and staff members. Drinks are NOT included in this option, but make sure not to miss out on our excellent variety of Belgian bears available during this meal :).
  • During the seminar the main languages used will be Dutch and English, the staff members are able to speak other languages in case of emergency or specific needs.
  • The organization cannot be held responsible for thefts, damages, injuries, etc. before, during and after the seminar. A limited set of lockers is available using a €1 recoverable coin.
  • If you do not have an insurance coverage to participate in events like this, we can offer you a ‘One Day Insurance’ at the cost of 1,00 €/day.
  • Since parking spaces are limited in the surroundings, we recommend using car pooling arrangement.

​Still some questions?

​Please use the contact form to convey us your questions, we will get back to you ASAP.

Let’s go!

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Click here: Guardians of Ryukyu November 3rd, 2018 Seminar registration

Extra reservation for Dinner and/or Lunch (for family or friends): Click here.

Tip: Check out our Guardians of Ryukyu Overview page in case of doubt.

  • Timetable:
    • Registrations will start from 08:30u on;
    • Opening of locker rooms: 08:30u – 19:00u;
    • Program:
      • 09:45u – 10:00u: seminar etiquette;
      • 10:00u – 10:45u: slot 1;
      • 10:45u – 11:00u: break;
      • 11:00u – 11:45u: slot 2;
      • 11:45u – 12:00u: demo 1;
      • 12:00u – 13:00u: lunch period;
      • 13:00u – 13:45u: slot 3;
      • 13:45u – 14:00u: break;
      • 14:00u – 14:45u: slot 4;
      • 14:45u – 15:00u: demo 2;
      • 15:00u – 15:30u: break;
      • 15:30u – 16:15u: slot 5;
      • 16:15u – 16:30u: break;
      • 16:30u – 17:15u: slot 6;
      • 17:15u – 17u30u: demo 3:
      • 17:45u – 18:00u: seminar etiquette;
      • 18:00u – 18:30u: meet and greets.