Attending a seminar in the presence of Grandmasters and international Sensei/Sifu is not a sort of thing a novice martial artist will do usually. So for most of you, the Bushido values should already be known.

Just for arguments sake following points:

  • You are an ambassador of your school, your Sensei and your style, so always behave appropriately with good manners and respect.
  • The behavior of the members of your style or school is a reflection of your value. Be proud of your heritage. Refrain from making critical comments about other styles, schools, students or instructors.
  • Always observe Tatami etiquette in the training area, including bowing when entering or leaving the Tatami and wearing an approved uniform in the training area.
  • Set a good example since your behavior always sets an example for those students in lower ranks.
  • Practice humility. Recognize that you are a member of a group sharing common goals and interest and that progress is always achieved as part of a team.
  • Always exercise self-control. Never lose your temper or react in anger.
  • Conduct yourself in a formal, honorable and respectful manner at all times during the “Guardians of Ryukyu” Seminar.
  • Always listen attentively to the instructions of the Grandmasters and staff members. Raise your hand if you have a question and wait patiently for the answer. No talking while an instructor is demonstrating a technique.
  • Come early to the start of the seminar or a class, it is always a good idea to give yourself extra time. Prompt and regular attendance shows respect to your instructor and fellow students.
  • Progress goes never alone. Help others improve and succeed. Recognize that you are all members of a strong group sharing common goals and interests.
  • Practicing the Bunkai or sparring is not a game or a contest. There is no winner or loser. The goal is to learn, not win. You do not have an opponent, you have a partner. You are both polishing your skills. In the real world, escape can be a victory.

But the most important message must be: “Have fun! You’re a part of an extended family – take care of one another.”

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