2020 Guardians of Ryukyu

The Okinawa Grandmasters Edition

Sunday January 19th, 2020.

This years edition of the Guardians of Ryukyu Gasshuku is open for all styles and degrees and above all …
… it will be a totally FREE seminar!

In association with the Okinawa Prefecture Karate Promotion Department we bring Okinawa … straight to you this year!

For this first and special edition, we present 4 Okinawan Grandmasters with an undisputed reputation of being among the “martial best of the best”!
It is very rare to have this kind of accumulated Sensei of “The Birthplace of Karate” on one giant Tatami, and for sure in Europe or on our own Belgian soil!

1. Sensei Isao Yagi Motobu-ryu Ryukyu Bujutsu Moidi
2. Sensei Giyu Gibo “Kobayashi” Shorin-ryu
3. Sensei Takehiro Gaja Uechi-ryu
4. Sensei Masanari Kikugawa Goju-ryu

It is the intention of this open style (!) “Guardians of Ryukyu” seminar to let the Okinawa Grandmasters present specific and ancient techniques, sometimes hidden inside their specific martial arts styles, which might have disappeared over the years.

If you love martial arts as a whole, then you just cannot miss this unique opportunity to meet these wonderful Sensei. The next best alternative is to fly over there and … “try to get into their private Dojo” 🐲.

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